Warehouse Associates In Germany

Warehouse Associates In Germany

Warehouse Associates In Germany

Warehouse Associates In Germany
Warehouse Associates In Germany

Leading global marketplace eBay Inc. links millions of consumers and sellers worldwide. Our purpose is to provide economic opportunities for people, companies, startups, and organizations of all kinds. 190 markets worldwide are served by eBay Marketplaces.

Concerning the team:

Our passion is using technology and commerce to create global connections between buyers and sellers and to create opportunities. All facets of eBay’s activities in the EMEA area, including those in the company’s principal European markets of the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, fall under our purview.

We are seeking Warehouse Associates to become part of our Talent Community for our Authentication Center located in the Hoppe Garten region.

Responsibilities :

  • It is your responsibility to make sure incoming shipments are received and properly recorded.
  • Carry out general warehouse tasks to make the movement of commodities easier.
  • At the conclusion of the day, ship off things; feel at ease in a busy facility; meet daily productivity targets and quality criteria.
  • Proactive in informing managers about challenges and everyday activities.
  • Availability for work in a warehouse setting.


A significant portion of your overall pay for the work you perform each day is comprised of benefits. If you’re single, starting a family, or getting close to retirement, eBay has a range of competitive benefit plans to suit your needs. include paid time off for parents and grandparents, paid sabbaticals, and programs to help you maintain your financial stability both now and in the future. We understand how vital it is to feel safe in your finances both throughout your working years and beyond retirement.


At eBay, we enjoy connecting people with wildly different histories, viewpoints, and locations in order to create possibilities for others. Being inclusive and varied is therefore not simply something we want to achieve, but also a part of who we are and what we do on a daily basis. As an employee, we want to make sure you feel that eBay is a place where you can be yourself, feel comfortable and accepted, and have the freedom to be who you are. To find out more about eBay’s Inclusion & Diversity.


By applying for this post, you acknowledge that you may be given consideration for more than one position. This is a broad summary of the credentials and abilities needed for jobs in this kind of role.



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