Online English Teacher

Online English Teacher

Online English Teacher

Online English Teacher
Online English Teacher

Potential Candidates:

200 openings are available Student Level.

College or university faculty member, licensed teacher, ESL instructor, vocational or technical instructor, and graduate of a university.


Education High school diploma is required.
1 year of teaching experience is the bare minimum.
TESL/TEFL Certificate Certification is a requirement. Conditions: TEFL certification is necessary.


Education You need a high school diploma.
The basic minimal amount of teaching experience is one year.
Certificate in TESL/TEFL Certification is necessary. Requirements: TEFL certification is required.

3-Step Selection process

Submit your application (CV in English & a short questionnaire).

Deliver 2 video tasks showcasing your teaching skills based on a scenario provided by Twenix.

Register on the platform & complete the onboarding course (1-3h).

Job Benefits:

Teach and Earn from day 1: No profile, no free trial. We assign based on availability. 90% occupation.
100% flexibility – choose full-time or part-time. Get last-minute bookings.
Class content provided: Minimal prep time (around 2 minutes) as we supply the class topics.
Competitive pay with seasonal bonuses and loyalty incentives.

Job Description: About Us

Tenex is an interactive online English language learning system created for working individuals in Spain and Italy. Students get a rare opportunity to interact and hone their English language abilities thanks to the different backgrounds of our community of teachers, who come from all over the world. Our individualized, straightforward, and enjoyable technique revolutionizes language learning by making it interesting and useful for business professionals wishing to speak fluently in English from day one. This is what makes Tenex unique.

Why Pick Us:

Teach & Earn from Day 1: There is no need for marketing, a profile, or free trials because we will match students to your available slots.
total adaptability Without any minimum class requirements, choose your own schedule. Simple class rescheduling as necessary. Find last-minute reservations.
Content offered: Few minutes of preparation are required because we give the class topics.
Don’t miss out on the more than 100 openings beginning this month. Become a 5-Star Teacher right away!

Join Tenex to advance your profession as a teacher!



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