Seaman Jobs in Dubai 2023

Seaman Jobs in Dubai 2023

Seaman Jobs in Dubai 2023

Seaman Jobs in Dubai 2023
Seaman Jobs in Dubai 2023

Seaman Job Description:

The role of a Seaman, also known as an Ordinary Seaman, Deck Hand, or Boat Keeper, involves working on a ship for a specified duration to accumulate “sea time.” Once a sufficient amount of sea time is accrued, the Seaman can apply for a series of courses and exams to become certified as an Able Seaman. These exams cover various maritime skills, including watchkeeping, lookout duties, and helmsmanship.

Key Responsibilities For Seaman Jobs in Dubai 2023:

  1. Assisting Able Seamen in their duties.
  2. Serving as the deck utility person, ready to perform various tasks as required.
  3. Performing tasks such as standing lookout, removing paint rust, painting, handling lines during mooring and unmooring procedures, and assisting in securing the vessel.
  4. Participating in the operation and maintenance of deck equipment, including booms.
  5. Providing support to the ship’s carpenter in repair work.
  6. Acting as a helmsman when necessary.
  7. Reading draft markings and supervising cargo handling during loading and unloading operations.
  8. Calling personnel to their scheduled watch shifts or waking them as needed.
  9. Maintaining cleanliness in passageways and restrooms.
  10. Operating deck machinery such as winches and windlasses.
  11. Inspecting, repairing, and installing rigging on the ship.
  12. Mending and sewing canvas materials.
  13. Being a certified lifeboatman capable of handling lifeboats under sail or oars.
  14. Assuming responsibilities as a coxswain or leader of a lifeboat.
  15. Keeping the ship’s bridge in a clean and organized state.

Skills and Qualifications For Seaman Jobs in Dubai 2023:

  • Patience
  • Ability to collaborate with diverse team members without losing focus
  • Physical fitness and strength

Education and Qualifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Knowledge of sailing and maritime life



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