Security Software Engineer

Security Software Engineer

The largest company for shared electric vehicles worldwide is called Lime. We’re working to create a world where transportation is affordable, shared, and carbon-free. Our electric bikes and scooters have replaced an estimated 100 million car trips with 400 million rides in 250 cities across five continents. We became the first company in our sector to have a totally profitable year in 2022 after being named a Time 100 Most Influential Company and a Fast Company Brand That Matters.

Security Software Engineer
Security Software Engineer

Skilled Security

We’re searching for a skilled security software engineer to join our team and contribute to a revolution in urban transportation. At Lime, our Security team empowers Limers to make decisions that are cognizant of cyber security by creating procedures to identify security flaws as near to the developers as possible. On-call incident response includes mitigation, rectification, and prevention phases. We also actively detect vulnerabilities or problems connected to our use of cloud resources, applications (mobile, web, firmware, and IoT), etc.

Performing Security

You’ll be essential to efficiently transferring knowledge and skills to others while performing security work, assisting in the expansion of Lime’s security/compliance department, and setting the standard for excellence and best practices at Lime as a whole. The best thing, though? You have the chance to collaborate with a skilled team of scientists, engineers, project managers, and software and data engineers that are enthusiastic about developing ground-breaking solutions for urban transportation! If this sounds like a group you’d like to be a part of, keep reading to learn more about the duties of the position and the qualifications needed to fill them.

  • Create and construct the security architecture that all Lime teams use.
  • Think carefully and rationally about the architecture and technological decisions we make.
  • You’ll make a lot of these decisions, after all.
  • Enhance the procedures and standards linked to security.
  • Enhance Lime’s infrastructure while adhering to current security standards for the creation of cloud-native applications.
  • Create, create, and put into action security solutions.
  • Conduct penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.
  • Create and maintain plans for handling security incidents.
  • Train and mentor young security engineers.
  1. Having developed successful security systems or solutions for at least two years in a professional security development environment.
  2. Really care about developers’ experiences.
  3. Knowledge of establishing measurements, reporting, and monitoring systems for precise observability and useful alerts.
  4. Strong familiarity with infrastructure and application security.
  5. Strong knowledge of developing cloud-native applications.
  6. Having knowledge about and expertise with relevant threats, as well as the associated attack methods, techniques, mindsets, and sorts of vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. (Web, mobile, Kubernetes, cloud, software, Internet of Things, and privacy. Must be fluent in at least two.
  7. Ability to produce high-quality code in any one of the following languages: shell, ruby, golang, or Python.
  8. AWS, Terraform, and Kubernetes knowledge are desirable.
  9. Able to manage many priorities while multitasking in a hectic situation.
  10. Demonstrated a desire to lead and own new information security concepts.
  11. Being able to explain risks, priorities, and the thinking behind decisions to partners, peers, and clients.

Community Of Intelligent

Recognize obstacles and be able to influence Lime’s technical direction to carry out the company’s goal, especially in the face of considerable misalignment, by using your abilities to deconstruct (present the root causes of issues to stakeholders) and simplify them.

When you join Lime, you become a part of a community of intelligent, compassionate, and gifted people working together to produce outcomes that change the world. Limers strive to provide an environment that allows Limers to perform at their highest level. Here are some ways we help and support our group.

Flexible Vacation Plans

Competitive pay, an annual bonus based on performance, and pre-IPO equity
All team members will receive health and wellness benefits from day one, including access to premium workout and mindfulness apps.
Flexible vacation plans with plenty of paid time off that are adapted to the country of residence
Financial, medical, and educational assistance as well as fully paid leave following childbirth or adoption are provided to Limbers who wish to become parents. unrestricted access to financial consultants, assistance with retirement and financial goals. Use of our automobiles is unlimited and free in hundreds of cities worldwide.


Opportunities for professional progress provided by top-notch equipment and quarterly learning days
Possibilities for collaboration between teams and places in order to network, mingle, and volunteer
A sense of community through employee resource groups that encourage cultural sensitivity training and DEI across all functions.
consistent professional progression and appropriate rewards for outstanding performance.

Benefits and benefits change depending on your country of residency and type of job. Conditions could be needed. Lime is the place for you if you want to have an impact. You’re unsure if you satisfy all the requirements. If this role fascinates you, we strongly recommend.



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